as actress

Hello! I'm Finnish actress Oona Airola, born in 13.7.1988. I completed my master's degree from Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2015. Now I'm working as a freelancer in Helsinki, Finland.


I have been working mostly in theatre, but my latest projects I have done mostly with camera. Also lately I have been working more on music. In acting I'm very much interested in comedy, and would like to work more with projects like that. I'm also very interested of mixing acting and doing music together. And I'm VERY interested to find new forms for music-theatre. For me it has come important to chance my point of view often, and that has taken me to do very different things on this field.


Here on my site you can find my showreel and CV and other things. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to hear more, I'm happy to tell.